static dolls,

living doll,

goat hair, lace,

cotton, silk,

wooden stand painted with acrylics,

face paint:dry pastel+oil.

Phantom of the Opera

There are hardly many people who somehow do not know the history of the Phantom of the Opera. Andrew Lloyd-Webber, composed a brilliant musical at the end of the last century, awakened again interest in Gaston Ler's novel, written in 1910 For me, it's another nearfaust story that wishes are often not worth what you need to pay for their fulfillment, and this is another version of the story of ′′ beauty ′′ and ′′ monster ".

In my work, I did not escape the canonical reading. The ghost is always around his ′′ music of the night ′′ in his hands, and young engineer Christina doesn't know what to pay for fame yet, and is still not so afraid of Eric as she burns out of curiosity and is full of childhood craving for adventure.

Price $1200 plus shipping



Phantom of the Opera

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