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About Us


Carol and Allen Senel came to the USA 26  years ago from the U.K. and have been selling and trading Dolls since 1996 with the  name ARTISTSDOLLS. Carol has gained a reputation of being one of the most informed  doll dealers in the USA.


Artistsdolls have their own seamstresses making made to measure dresses for the dolls from the finest fabrics and laces from around the world. Allen and Carol's 20 years in the fashion industry show in the complexity and design of these dresses.


Artistsdolls was chosen by Annette Himstedt to be one of only eight dealers in the USA before her decision to close her factory at the end of 2008.


Artistsdolls represent some of the foremost Doll Artists in the world including Himstedt,Gunzel, Plusczok, Zawieruszynski, Heloise, Sutter, Wesser , R.J. Wright  and Kimberly Lasher.


Artistsdolls has the highest reputation for selling the older dolls and prides itself on the quality if the secondary market dolls that pass through their hands. they only deal with Mint quality dolls and will offer nothing less.


November 1st 2020

Madeline Senel joins the ArtistsDolls team!


My daughter-in-law Madeline Senel is now an active member of the ArtistsDolls team and will be helping with all aspects of the business. Over the following years I'm sure that she will build on the relationships that we have with all our valued members, clients and artists alike.

Madeline escaped the hustle and bustle of working in New York for a hedge fund to come to Florida for a little slower pace of life. For the time being Madeline works as a secretary at a local school but she is helping us out with smaller parts of the business. In the near future the plan is for Madeline to take over running the business as I am not getting any younger! She is a very personable lady and a quick learner so I'm sure that she will be running things very soon.


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