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Alisa Filippova

Alisa Filippova - is an extremely gifted Russian artist. She was born in Moscow and graduated from the Moscow Fine Art College. She works professionally now creating one of a kind dolls in "living doll" polymer clay. Her dolls are in exhibitions and shows throughout the world.

We are now working with Alisa doing custom orders! Each piece is a true one of a kind as they are hand sculpted; however, you can look up photos of work she has done prior before (or request photos from us) to make sure your choice and we will work with Alisa to have her create a similar doll (never exact but similar) for you! We have been trying to get her extremely difficult work for years now and we are pleased that we are also getting some periodic new work.

Please note that a 50% deposit is required to order her dolls and any enquires should be sent to

 See below for some examples of her work.

AlicewithRabbit3 - Copy.jpg
AlicewithRabbit4 - Copy.jpg
alisa fillapova 1.jpeg
alisa fillapova 4.jpeg
alisa fillapova 3.jpeg
alisa fillapova 2.jpeg
alisa fillapova 5.jpeg
alisa fillapova 7.jpeg
alisa fillapova 9.jpeg
alisa fillapova 6.jpeg
alisa fillapova 91.jpeg
alisa fillapova 93.jpeg
alisa fillapova 97.jpeg
alisa fillapova 95.jpeg
alisa fillapova 98.jpeg
alisa fillapova 92.jpeg
alisa fillapova 96.jpeg
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