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January 19th 2021

Virtual International Doll Show is coming up!

doll exibition 2.jpeg

January 14th 2021

Russian Doll Show is coming up!


doll show.jpg

For the first time in Ulyanovsk from March 19 to 21, 2021, a large-scale event will be held in my city EXHIBITION OF KUKOLS, TOYS AND MINIATURES.

The exhibition is organized by the regional scientific library of the Book Palace together with private collectors, namely with the organizer Elena Yakovleva.


I help you find talents and aspiring masters, collectors who want to show their collection. Also organize the presence of their works in person or in absentia (by mail, return guarantee).

It is desirable to fill out an application on the website before January 25 A diploma of a participant.

Negotiations, information, application, mailing dolls or toys can be sent to me personally, as well as resolving some other organizational issues with me. @lapina_doll instagaram if it's more convenient. Our page @exhibitionofdolls. subscribe on instagram.

Participation of masters of collectors is free!!! The exhibition is held in the heart of Ulyanovsk near the Memcenter of V.I. Lenin. BOOK PALACE.

I really hope for your work, I wish you to show the Ulyanovsk residents as much work as possible at different levels!!!

WRITE!!! Waiting for your beautiful works!!!

If you are the first time, then this is exactly what you need!!! My support, communication, dating, you won't regret it!!!

I personally participate and exhibit my works at this exhibition in Ulyanovsk on March 19-21, and also take part in international exhibitions since 1998....

It was also once for the first time))) I'm with you!!!

WRITE TO PARTICIPATE in direct!!! and information..


November 1st 2020

Madeline Senel joins the ArtistsDolls team!


Madeline Senel is now an active member of the ArtistsDolls team and will be helping with all aspects of the business. Over the following years I'm sure that she will build on the relationships that we have with all our valued members, clients and artists alike.


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