“Heavenly music”

60cm tall

Living doll, papier-mache,


painted with acrylics,

cotton decorative lace,

cotton, silk.

“About the angels”...

“Too many have appeared in my life this year, I talk about those we loved and loved us, I believe when they leave here they become our guardian angels but it hurts for us. A few days ago, another guardian angel appeared in my life, he was extraordinary and magical, and went to the same year with his earthly half, landed next door to her on her birthday 21 12...

I will always remember them, people of that generation were very special, open, hearted, surviving the war, they became kinder and wiser...

2020 showed me full that you need to appreciate every minute of communication with your loved ones, every kind word, warm smile or just the thought of your loved one”

Price $1200 including shipping

Heavenly music

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