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Natali Voro

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I was born and lived in Vinnitsa in Ukraine. I have two higher educations: engineer and manager. I have been making dolls since 2010. I do not have a special art education, I mastered the puppet work myself. In 2013 she received the Grand Prix prize at the dolls sowing in Sevastopol. all my life I love needlework, and also to dance, play sports and play chess. I hope my dolls will give people a lot of positive emotions.


OOAK by Natali Voro
Ready for Kiev Expo.    Your chance to get her now! :)
This  lovely doll is "Meredith"
Materials living doll,  cotton, wool, brocade, leather shoes, Sheep's hair Wensleydale, eyes are glass.
On the chest decoration of beaded tape Victorian era.

Shipping will be added when we know the exact location.

35 CMS
BY Natali N.
Dress is made with silk and her hair is goat fur.
Plus shipping and insurance.

Tampa, FL
OOAK by Natali N.
Her name is Lorie , tall is 49cms. Her hair from the goat's hair of the Caucasus, silk ribbons, vintage French lace. Movable metal frame, dress cotton, leather shoes, face and hands Living doll.
C;othes and shoes are not removed

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