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Kira Kinash

Kira Kinash.jpg

Kira Kinash.  Donetsk.  47 years old.  I have been making dolls since 2014.  this year war has come to our city.  education - lawyer, teacher.  married.  my husband, son and his wife help me in my work.  in my dolls I want to show the touchingness of youth.  technically I try to give the dolls maximum flexibility.  but these are not ball-jointed dolls.  inside their body sawdust and a little of my soul

See below for some examples of her work.


Kira Kinash 2.jpg
Kira Kinash 5.jpg
Kira Kinash 4.jpg
Kira Kinash 3.jpg
Kira Kinash 6.jpg
Kira Kinash 7.jpg
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