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Anastasia Belousova

anastasia b.jpg

My name is Anastasia Belousova, I am 34 years old, I am an artist from Russia.
Do you believe in fairy tales? Since childhood, I have dreamed and fantasized a lot. And then I grew up… I got a red diploma from a technical University, got a job in an office, got married, and had a wonderful daughter.
...It happened one day. I was searching the Internet for a gift for my daughter - a doll, and accidentally came across a store that sold surprisingly beautiful author's dolls. I was in an indescribable delight! I've never seen anything so beautiful before. Since that day, my life has changed forever! I got the idea to understand the magic of creating an author's doll and began to learn this difficult craft... For me, an art doll is an artist's message to his audience. The doll tells a story, but each viewer will see something different in it. An artistic doll excites the imagination, evokes emotions and different feelings, from joy to sadness, from emotion to fear. And this is so beautiful, because everyone can find among the great variety of works those that will find a response in their soul. "

See below for some examples of her work.

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anastasia b 1.jpg
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