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Eugena Knyshenko

Eugenia Knyshenko.jpg

My name is Eugenia Knyshenko, I live in a beautiful city on the seashore, with exquisitely beautiful architecture - Odessa, Ukraine. I have art school degree and practicing in pictorial art, sculpture and graphics my whole life. I design and handcraft dolls since 2012. My creations have moving parts and each one is unique, made from natural materials: clay, wood, papier-mâché, leather. Dresses from the finest fabrics and vintage lace. My dolls are full of warm energy and made with a lot of love.
I took part in many international exhibitions: Kiev, Minsk, Barcelona, Baku, Neustadt bei Coburg and others. My works are presented in private collections. With love and respect for my collectors, Eugenia.

See below for some examples of her work.


Eugenia Knyshenko 2.jpg
Eugenia Knyshenko 5.jpg
Eugenia Knyshenko 3.jpg
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