Claudia Raddi

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Hello, I'm Claudia Raddi, I was born in Italy in 1979 and I have always been attracted about everything related to art. I studied academic art at school in Florence (where I'm actually living).
My main job has been airbrushing for many years, I had my own studio, but for some time now my passion has been moving more towards everything related to sculpt and modeling. Since I discovered this incredible world in 2010, when my first child was born, I'm no longer able to stop sculpting.
I prefer sculpting characters, celebrity doll, surreal and mythological subjects.

My goal is to continue to learn anatomy and the art of sculpture every day, forever.

For my dolls use a wire armature to reinforce my sculpture.
I love to paint and decorate their body with swarovski, sewing, embroidery and hand-create them every little detail.

I hope to convey to you all the passion that I put into making my sculptures.

See below for some examples of her work.


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