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Natalya Cherakova


Hello, my name is Natalya and I have been living for 10 years in a world that I have been creating myself for many years. This world is filled with unreal beings with their own history, their experiences. They are very different, independent, wayward, spiteful and not very, but always always loved. How was this World created? I'll tell you now. My first clumsy "fool" was born 14 years ago. And then there were years of work, literature, websites, communication with craftsmen, testing of various materials, tears, anger, helplessness. I tried to create my own style, to make MY own doll. And finally, I took a step beyond the threshold into endless space, the very world called the Country of Dolls. For me, a doll is a different reality, but necessarily with a partial part of my soul, my mood and my currently feeling of the world. Today she is a scary old woman, tomorrow she is a cute baby, and after that an image appears that cannot be called a shark. It is believed that the doll speaks to the outside world with its eyes. My dolls sometimes do not have them, the voice comes from the very heart of the doll. Their energy is so powerful. This is exactly the goal I pursued when I created my Time Lords. When I create a doll, I never sketch. After all, the unborn child cannot be drawn. A blurred image arises from a book read, music, word or gaze. Before the doll appears, I have to take her place, become her, feel her. The material is always the same. I love self-freezing. This is both La Doll and Fluo. Why? Everything is simple. This material is so warm, natural and malleable that it is in it that the most daring ideas are realized. Well, painting, here is just a paradise for various solutions. I really like to train with tea, without clogging the plastic with paint, and then he begins to breathe, live, the doll is natural and unique. My dolls have taken part in various competitions many times and received well-deserved awards. The Dockrade doll received the Grand Prix at the Visit Ladies competition and a silver medal at the international Art Excellence Awards competition. And the Shamanka doll received a gold medal at the same international competition. This year, my membership in the DPI section of the Union of Artists was supplemented by membership in IASI - the International Academy of Contemporary Art based on the results of competitions and received the honorary title of academician. This is my world. Sometimes I hang in it for a long time. And although there is sometimes a feeling of dissatisfaction, I never suffer from self-criticism, it did not work out today, it will definitely work out later. And even better than I intended. What is doll art to me? This is the art of simply living, living in harmony with nature, noticing what others do not notice. Live and create life. After all, a doll is a living, vulnerable creature.

See below for some examples of her work.

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