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Galina Tspaeva

Galina T 91.jpeg

My name is Tspaeva Galina. I am 53 years old.My family consist of three adults child and husband. I am from Russia,Saint-Petersburg.I have process engineer education. I haven't art education, I am learn by myself.I do the dolls about 5 years.I engaged in various types of creativity, engaged in early childhood.I really like all the types of art. Thanks to it,i developed my creativity skills and it helps me to this day with creating dolls. I to give a lot of attention every details.

See below for some examples of her work.


Galina T 9.jpeg
Galina T 6.jpeg
Galina T 4.jpeg
Galina T 1.jpeg
Galina T 2.jpeg
Galina T frida 5.jpeg
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