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Alena Klauzner

Alena klauzner 1.1.jpeg

My name is Alena Klauzner
I live in Moscow, doing what I love - making interior dolls.

I also enjoy treasure hunting at flea and antique markets.
..I collect brooches, jewelry, lace, fabrics and use all this to create dolls.

Thus, I convey the spirit of the times, give new life to antiques.
My dolls are of historical and artistic value. ..many lace and embroidery are hand-made by craftswomen of the past.
My motto is luxury that you deserve!
..such a doll will not only impress guests, serve as an interior decoration, but also delight and fill its mistress every day.
And most importantly, from year to year only to grow in price.

..I am very close to the aesthetics of the Renaissance, Baroque, especially Rococo.

I will be happy to decorate your interior! 

See below for some examples of her work.


Alena klauzner 4.jpg
Alena klauzner 5.jpg
Alena klauzner 3.jpg
Alena klauzner 2.jpg
Alena klauzner 7.jpg
Alena klauzner 6.jpg
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