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Martin Allen

Martin Allen.jpg

Martin Allens' work is inspired by an obsession with vintage bygone eras, historic racing cars and iconic planes, alongside drawing and painting. The methods used are classic ones, using layered paint applications rounded off by oil glazes. These create, add depth and harmonise colours. In his work he aims to capture the exhilaration or thrill of the moment and translate that onto the canvas. ‘Imagination is King in the eye of the beholder’. The light and the colours are all in the narrative, but he tries to present an ethereal dreamlike quality to the work, emphasising a fleeting, ephemeral heartbeat in time. Previously Martin was selected as a finalist for “The London Art Biennale” with two pieces, one of which is “No5” (below). “No5” was also shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition 2018. He exhibits at Goodwood on an annual basis, and is one of the London ‘Beautalism’ movement. Most recently he has shown in the ‘Soho Scandalous’ exhibition at Blacks Club, London Fashion week 2020 and The Affordable Art Show.


Limited Edition Prints
High quality limited edition A2/A3 prints of most of the work on the website are for sale and priced at $250 plus postage and packing – $18 for UK, $35 rest of world. Please call/email to order.

Martin generally paints bygone eras bringing scenes to life on canvas.  He prefers to paint more classic or vintage scenes but is not limited to that. Subjects may vary from the favourite car of the customer or just a life-long ‘poster pin up’ the customer has had a passion for.

If you would like more information about commissioning an individual work, please feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have. Sizes can be anything from a small up to a 2m x 1m canvas.

Originals Paintings for Sale
Martin usually has a range of original oil on canvas paintings available for sale. As a guide, prices for classic vintage originals range from small portraits 16” x 12” at around $2050-$2750,to medium sized works, 36”x 24” from around $4100 – $5480 and a large works  48” x 39” from around $5480 upwards.


See below for some examples of his work.


Martin Allen MA_2148 (1).jpg
Martin Allen the-calm-before-the-storm.j
Martin Allen After-the-London-Rain.jpg
Martin Allen Oops.jpg
Martin Allen MA_2151.jpg
Martin Allen David-Bowie-Art.jpg
Martin Allen MA_1778_2.jpg
Martin Allen Back-to-Black-Large.jpg
Martin Allen Mini-Brexit-Final.jpg
Martin Allen
Martin Allen MA_1767_2.jpg
Martin Allen 7.jpg
Martin Allen MA_1774_2.jpg
Martin Allen The-End-of-the-road-Origina
Martin Allen twiggy-Large.jpg
Martin Allen MA_2154.jpg
Martin Allen Comrade-Enver.jpg
Martin Allen image002.jpg
Martin Allen Singing-in-the-rain.jpg
Martin Allen Would-anyone-like-a-lift-to
Martin Allen Vintage Chanel Bottle wall
Martin Allen MA_Grayson-Perry.jpg
Martin Allen sailor-girl-Large.jpg
Martin Allen Symbol-Large.jpg
Martin Allen MA_1760_2.jpg
Martin Allen Perception.jpg
Martin Allen IMG_2654-Large.jpg
Martin Allen gentleman-racer.jpg
Martin Allen IMG_2642-Large.jpg
Martin Allen
Martin Allen IMG_0934-e1535631860150.jpg
Martin Allen 1.jpg
Martin Allen 911-Large.jpg
Martin Allen Eros-the-God-of-love-Origin
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