Olga Korobova

Olga Korobova is a member of the Creative Union of Artists, a member of the International Association of Doll Authors. Russia. I've been making dolls since 2004. I work with polymer plastics: Paperclay, Livingdoll. Also I make a wadded Christmas tree toys. My dolls are bought by art collectors from many countries, for example - Germany, Belgium, China, America, Russia. The size of my dolls is from 15 to 60 cm. Graduated from the Moscow University of Arts: Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Easel Painting and Graphics. I worked as a seamstress, a hairdresser. Since 2004, I have been doing only dolls - this is the most favorite thing I have in my life .All dolls are made in a single copy. Media correspondents say that my dolls have a soul. This is true, because they are all made with great love!

See below for some examples of her work.