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Julia Malysh

Julia Malysh-Andrievska davy jones 1.jpe

My name is Julia Malysh , I'm 36years old.

I make interior art dolls and textile dolls since 2017. At first it was textile dolls and then of plastic and polymer clay. Each my work is unique and special, all what I create I do it  with love, completely by my hand, without using any forms. All process  from modeling to taking pictures I do it by myself.

I also make thematic dolls from pictures I receive from clients for interior decoration.

Each of the dolls has its story and unique appearance, and certainly each of them has a piece of my heart in it ❤️

See below for some examples of her work.


Julia Malysh-Andrievska julia 4.jpg
Julia Malysh-Andrievska davy jones 4.jpg
Julia Malysh-Andrievska johnny 7.jpg
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