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Hanna Goetz

Hanna Goetz.jpeg

I have university degrees (Staatsexamen ) in education ,art education, arthistory and psychology.In addition I studied in 2002 at the International Summer Academy for visual Arts in Salzburg, sculpture class by J.Fox N.Y.I’ve worked as a teacher and shool counselor on several schools .Since 1993 I have been working as a freelance sculpture.I create unique pieces. I prefer only traditional, natural materials of the sculptors, clay ,paper and very high quality fabrics. All textile work is designed and done by myself.My work is represented in numerous international magazines, catalogs and books.
I was twice winner of the Max- Oscar-Arnold-Price, once „winner of the winner“.
Nominated for the Price of Lifework 2020.
Winner of the Star-Award 2008 in the 4th. Moscow Dollsalon
Since 1994 I have been participating regularly in international exhibitions, in the countries, Germany ,USA ,Japan; Austria, France and Latvia.

See below for some examples of her work.


Hanna Goetz 1.jpeg
Hanna Goetz 2.jpeg
Hanna Goetz 3.jpeg
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