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Elena Tuminskaya

elena tuminskaya.jpg

I was born in 1970. Educated at the Kuban State Art University at the Department of Graphics. At first I started working with porcelain: I made porcelain fireplaces, ceramic objects, vases, etc. After that, 8 years ago, I started making dolls, as I had long wanted to make them. At this time, various materials for creating dolls began to appear on sale, as well as educational articles in magazines. I took a master class on making dolls to learn the technique. I already knew how to sculpt and created porcelain figurines.

I make dolls in my favorite fantasy genre. I try to sculpt the dolls themselves realistic, but already the costumes and the plot are fantasy. I have invented a new genre - the doll in the picture. The background is painted in oil on the picture and the doll is embedded there. The genre is new - no one has done this before.

Two years ago I graduated assistantship of the Russian Academy of Arts. The defense of the diploma was on dolls. I participate in all international exhibitions in Moscow. She took part in the international exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia twice. I also took part in the international exhibition in Preili, Latvia twice. I create dolls for sale.

See below for some examples of her work.

elena tuminskaya painting 5.jpeg
elena tuminskaya painting 1.jpg.jpeg
elena tuminskaya painting 4.jpeg
elena tuminskaya painting 2.jpeg
elena tuminskaya painting 3.jpeg
elena tuminskaya painting 6.jpeg
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