Inna Zakrzewska

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My name is Inna Zakrzewska. I live in an ancient city that gives me inspiration with its architecture and history - Kiev, Ukraine. I am 38 years old, I create handmade dolls since 2011. Each of my dolls contains a story. In my works I use finest fabrics, vintage laces. My works are presented in private collections around the world. I take part in many doll exhibitions. For a long time, I have been creating motionless dolls that reflect a particular pose and emotion. Now I create movable dolls, which you can hug and press to your heart, change their position, this will change the mood of the doll. And I also think it is very important when a doll lives in the same family and is passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, and becomes a silent keeper of happiness in the house. The doll is like a story with a continuation. These are the dolls I create with great love!

See below for some examples of her work.

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