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Yulia Veller

yulia verrer.jpg

I live in Moscow, Russia.
I have a higher education in marketing and additional education in the arts
I started making dolls in 2017.
I am a member Of the creative Union of artists DPI
I am a laureate of the international competition “Pandora Platinum” and a double laureate of the international competition "History of fashion".
I work with Living Doll polymer clay. I love this material for the opportunity to work out small details and for its realism in the finished doll.
I want to wish collectors that my dolls bring harmony, warmth and beauty to their home.

See below for some examples of her work.

yulia veller 3.jpg
yulia veller 4.jpg
yulia veller 5.jpg
yulia verrer 2.jpg
yulia veller 6.jpg
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