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Anke Daanen

Anke Daanen.jpeg

Dollmaking is my mission. I went many, many years ago to an art doll exhibition and I could not sleep anymore. I wanted to become a DOLL ARTIST!

I started to work on my sculpting and costuming skills.

I love to see in a doll a gentle expression and an inner smile

For me it´s the total impression that counts for a doll to be a good doll.

A combination of high standard craftmanship, the recognition of emotional expression and the utility of high quality materials.

I think we love dolls so much because there is an internal connection of the creation with the human spirit.

The doll can give you a smile and a tear on the same moment.

For me the dolls are a 3-dimensional illustration and tells imaginary stories and are pieces of figural art.

The basis of dollmaking is good craftmanship, and art dolls go beyond this.

And I hope that my dolls will stay in the memory.

Making art dolls is a never ending story!

Ankie Daanen, Altea la Vella, Spain.

See below for some examples of her work.

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