Svetlana Vetrova

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Svetlana Vetrova - Member of the International Society of Art Dolls (MOAK) Member of the Association of Russian Artists of Estonia Creates an author's art doll since 1998. Registered in the "Great Encyclopedia of Author's Art Puppets of the World" by B. Goldovsky. Winner and laureate of various international puppet exhibitions, competitions and festivals. Has held over 50 solo exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. Dolls by Svetlana Vetrova are intended for contemplation, her dolls are not played. Each of them is unique, made in a single copy, made by hand, has its own name, history, mood and unique character. The veracity of the found image is achieved due to the staged pose, sculptural sculpting of the face from "puppet" plastics, allowing for the finest elaboration of the character's characteristic facial expressions. Each time, creating a new image, she experiments, creating a new play space. This is how a theater was born, in which Svetlana is a sculptor and painter, composer and director.


See below for some examples of her work.

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Svetlana Vetrova 1.jpeg