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Olga Sidorova

Olga Sidorova.jpeg

Olga Sidorova is a talented russian artist. She makes porcelain dolls in historical dresses.
Working with porcelain is both difficult and interesting! It needs patience, research, getting out of the comfort zone, understanding the subject, confidence ... And again patience.
All dolls’ outfits are removable and made according to old restored patterns.  Before  get started to work, she carefully searches the information, examines a lot of pictures, reads publications of professionals.  She loves to come up with something interesting. Also Olga uses different technologies in sewing to make the costume as similar as possible to the original.


See below for some examples of her work.

Olga Sidorova 3.jpeg
Olga Sidorova 4.jpeg
Olga Sidorova 6 .jpeg
Olga Sidorova 5 .jpeg
Olga Sidorova 7.jpeg
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