White snowflakes are circling outside the window

and music sounds are already pouring through the halls.

That's when the ball will star

t and ruffle the dresses of ladies and gentlemen will be invited to dance nice girls ...

and this evening, a wonderful evening, something new will be born in the soul.

A warm feeling ... and the butterfly will wither and spring will come


Hdvortsy, parks, beauty, balls and dances until the morning ... everything that surrounds the beautiful Louise. The tenderness of the sun, the softness of the wind and the singing of birds is what she genuinely loves, as well as beautiful books, intelligent conversations, dreams, poetry and fragrant tea. And again there are footsteps in the scarlet, slightly muffled by the singing of birds, the fragrance of perfume interrupts the sweet aroma of garden flowers. And so begins a new story of magical adventures ... the only copy, 2017, completely handmade.


$600  Plus shipping and insurance

Materials: self-hardening clay, natural linen, 100% cotton, 100% wool,

natural fur, natural leather, 100% cashmere, vintage lace, sewing cotton,

handmade, hand-knitted
Size: 60 cm full-length, sitting about 45 cm
$825 Plus Shipping and insurance.