Rita Kazantseva


The height of the composition is 72 cm. 2018g. Sculpture 100% paperclay, zircons, turquoise, bugles, beads, brass, potal.

Cleopatra. Height of composition 72 cm. 2016-2018 In Sculpture 100 % Paperclay, zircons, Turquoise, steklârus, beads, Brass, potal'. For Sale. Details on yam.

Historical help.

Cleopatra vii philopator was born on November 2, 69 BC, supposedly in Alexandria and became a prodolžatel'nicej of the dynasty. Fluent in 9 languages.
Cleopatra at 16 years old became the queen of Egypt and the rules of 22 together with her husbands. The Official Title of Cleopatra tem philopator means "Goddess, loving father". Cleopatra is considered a legendary personality. Despite the nekanoniceskuû appearance, she inspired a lot of sculptors and artists, possessed by a vocal voice and music.
"now I can do one of three: do what I want, do what I have to, or do nothing, but just sit and think"
- Cleopatra


Taisya Antipovna.

2018g. 61 cm. Paperclay. Acrylic. Silk, lace, braid, velvet, jacquard, cotton, leather, fur, wood, metal. Zircons, rhinestones, beads, bugles, sequins, beads. The head turns, hands are mobile.
A doll from the new project "Russ Gray"