“War and Hope”


“War and Hope” won the Vice President’s Choice Award in the 2020 PDMAG Gold Contest. She is a 9.5-inch polymer figure expressing the threat the coronavirus presents to the world. The costume is made of flexible polymer clay, cotton gauze, gold thread, and silk tulle. The wings were fabricated by cutting and applying individual polymer “feathers” front and back. The figure has been painted with Genesis oils and stands on a faux marble base. ❤️❤️

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“War and Hope” is a 9.5”, fully-sculpted polymer figure expressing the threat Covid-19 presents to the world.  We are at “war” with the virus. Her calm expression represents the seeming lack of threat because the virus is invisible, but the figure holds a sword poised to smite anyone in the world who becomes infected. The “hope” in the title is my faith that we will overcome this pandemic and return to our lives, perhaps more kind, compassionate, and appreciative than before.  The piece won the Vice President’s Choice Award in the 2020 PDMAG Gold Contest, and was published in the July 2020 issue of International Doll Artist magazine.  

This OOAK art doll is made of a mix of Fimo and Cernit clay. The doll has a full armature that extends into the tiny hands and fingers.  There is a metal tube in the leg to enable placement on the stand. Her wig is mohair.  The bodice of her costume is made of Fimo Leather, a flexible polymer clay and painted with gold acrylic accents.  The costume underskirt is cotton gauze with an overlay of silk tulle. The polymer sandals have gold-colored metallic thread cris-crossed up the leg.  

The sword is polymer clay with a metal core to add strength to the blade.  The handle is wrapped with gold metallic thread and accented with crystals.  The small Earth she is holding is polymer clay painted by the artist with Genesis paint.  It is attached to the hand with museum wax to enable the owner to remove it, if desired, and for ease of shipping.  

The wings were fabricated by cutting and applying individual polymer “feathers” front and back and then painted with blue-green iridescent paint.  They are permanently attached to the doll. She stands on a wood base covered in faux marble polymer clay.  

This piece is registered with the International Art Doll Registry, #20202869, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  The  artist’s mark of a dragonfly with the initials “C” and “J” on either side are on the back of the doll’s neck with the year.

Carol Johansen is a member of the Original Doll Artist Council of America and the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.  See more of her work at

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War & Hope

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