“Alice and the Frog Gardener” 
from Through the Looking Glass
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Alice in Wonderland was a favorite story with my daughter when she was little and it’s always been a favorite of mine.  I wanted to reproduce a Tenniel drawing that I hadn’t seen done before in three dimensions (and it looked fun to make a frog), so I chose the moment when the frog gardener interacts with Alice just before she enters the banquet hall for dinner with the Red Queen and White Queen.  It was great fun and a challenge to make the scene.  It’s not an exact copy (artistic license) but close to the spirit of the original drawing.
The inspiration for this piece is an illustration and quote from the Lewis Carroll book, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There…
“She was standing before an arched doorway over which were the words QUEEN ALICE in large letters, and on each side of the arch there was a bell-handle; one was marked ‘Visitors’ bell, and the other ‘Servants’ bell… Which bell must I ring?’ she went on, very much puzzled by the names.  ‘I’m not a visitor, and I’m not a servant.  There ought to be one marked “Queen,” you know---’    Alice knocked and rang for a long time…, but at last, a very old Frog, who was sitting under a tree, got up and hobbled slowly towards her: he was dressed in bright yellow, and had enormous boots on. ‘What is it now?,’ the frog said in a deep hoarse whisper.”
Alice stands 8.5” tall and is made of a strong mix of Fimo and Cernit clay, with a wire armature and metal tube in the leg to enable the figure to stand.  Her hair is made of silk.  The dress and bloomers are made of Swiss bastiste, and slip and apron are made of antique lace.  She has cotton striped stockings, real leather high button shoes, and is wearing a necklace of faux pearls.  Her wand is polymer and wood; her crown is polymer and gold paint with a red silk lining.

The frog is 8” tall and made of a light polymer clay, with a wire armature.  He wears a yellow silk shirt of kimono material, a yellow silk vest with handmade buttons, and a jaunty checked scarf of Danish cotton.  His pants are green cotton velvet, with stockings of white cotton lisle, and real leather shoes.  The frog is holding his rake of wood, polymer, and metal.  

Both figures are painted with Genesis Heatset Oils and have the artist’s mark of a dragonfly with the initials “C” and “J” on either side on the sole of a shoe and on the back of Alice’s neck.

The stand reflects the book’s illustration and shows the door with bells for “Servant” and “Visitor.”  The arched wood-grained doorway is under a “stone” frame marked “Queen Alice.”  Tiny green ivy winds its way up the left side of the stand, while a tiny brown lizard basks on the step. Alice and the Frog stand on faux cobblestones.  The stand is made of wood, polymer clay, and acrylic paint, finished with a clear polymer sealer.  The quote and artist’s name are on the back. This piece is registered with the International Art Doll Registry, # 20192479, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  

Carol Johansen is a member of the Original Doll Artist Council of America and the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.  See more of her work at

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Alice and the Frog Gardener

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