Karen Baker


It all started in Redondo Beach Calif, born to two very talented parents, mother a painter, seamstress and musican, and a father who was a master carpender,and  musician. I grew up surrounded by creative people and ideas.


For as long as I can remember I have loved to “make “ things, little furniture and clothes for my dolls. Also having 7 siblings meant that I had to make do with the toys that I had and sometimes that meant creating my own things….which started my love of sculpting. In the beginning I could make cunning little animals and people out of modeling clay and as I grew and started school my talents became apparent to teachers and the like, I was given art lessons, painting and pastels which I enjoyed very much,  but it wasn’t until I had my first college class in sculpture that I really fell in love with that medium.


Meeting Mr. Jack Johnston became a turning point for me, we became very good friends and he has taken me under his wing. I have been his apprentice for several years now helping teach in his classes. We now teach together on a regular basis and I am enjoying that immensely.

Creating something in 3 d just does something for me, more than painting, and to see it move other people is just the most fantastic experience I have had in my art career, there are times when I get so involved in a piece that I forget the time, I forget meals….fortune has it that I have a very forgiving and supportive mate!


Karen is a member of  and the Secretary of The Professional DollMakers Art Guild,

she works very closely with Jack Johnson.