Judy Porter

This is ten inch Raven.

 A darling little girl just on the verge of trading dolls for lip gloss.

 She has a look about her that can be dressed to appear a little older or younger.  Part of the fun of collecting resin bjd's.

   Available now is The Wizard of Oz Raven with the green hair and witches costume.  Also the Raven all in white.  Plus the funky fun Raven in the red hat.  The outfit may vary in color but is the same style.  All ten inch ball jointed dolls are the finest resin manufactured in China.  Each comes with a darling storage/travel wrap with certificate.  . 

  Wizard of Oz Raven is a limited edition of twelve with only two available.

The other Ravens are a one of a kind look to make it special, unique for each collector.  They stand and pose perfectly.

This is a limited edition of eight, Scare Crow from the Wizard of Oz event.   Only two available.   Ten inch Tannie is our little scarecrow and would be darling as a fall arrangement along with Raven as the Wicked Witch or just to add to your Autumn décor.

Ten inch Tannie will pose perfectly.  She is a very delicate porcelain color resin, tiny and petite features.   Her outfit is custom made by Bonnie Larson.  Shoes by Judy Porter dolls.

Scarecrow Tannie comes with a yellow brick road travel/storage wrap, certificate, numbered.

The set even includes a black crow.

Our one of a kind


is dressed for school or out to play in a darling three piece outfit by Bonnie Larson.  

Tannie is ten inches tall in porcelain resin.  

She poses and stands perfectly. 

She is the only one dressed in this outfit making her a very unique doll for your collection.


Storage/travel wrap included in the set along with certificate of OOAK original work by artist Judy Porter.


400.00 plus shipping

Ten inch " Pumpkin "

It is a one of a kind look so cute and ready for spring with bunny ears

and bunny tail.

Pumpkin comes with a OOAK. Certificate

plus darling travel/ storage wrap

for $ 400.00 plus shipping