Elena Vyshinskaya

OOAK  Red Riding Hood

Red riding hood and Gray Wolf. 

A new doll with moving hands and legs on the petelʹnom connection.  
living doll. 
Height 38 cm. 
Wolf felted, height 10 cm.

$450 Plus Shipping

"Mishka and her Teddy Bear."

OOAK by Elena Vyshinskaya.
A doll with mobile handles and legs on the petel'nom compound,

pottery living doll, growth 40 cm., Mishka felted growth 9 CM.
$450. Plus shipping and insurance



Height 43cm. Author's doll with movable handles and legs on the hinged joint.

The wire frame is covered with sintepon and knitwear

. She wears a doll in a silk dress and suede shoes.

Hair from sheep's wool. Molding Living doll.

$450 Plus shipping