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Martin Allen

Martin Allens' work is inspired by an obsession with vintage bygone eras, historic racing cars and iconic planes, alongside drawing and painting. The methods used are classic ones, using layered paint applications rounded off by oil glazes. These create, add depth and harmonise colours. In his work he aims to capture the exhilaration or thrill of the moment and translate that onto the canvas. ‘Imagination is King in the eye of the beholder’. The light and the colours are all in the narrative, but he tries to present an ethereal dreamlike quality to the work, emphasising a fleeting, ephemeral heartbeat in time. Previously Martin was selected as a finalist for “The London Art Biennale” with two pieces, one of which is “No5” (below). “No5” was also shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition 2018. He exhibits at Goodwood on an annual basis, and is one of the London ‘Beautalism’ movement. Most recently he has shown in the ‘Soho Scandalous’ exhibition at Blacks Club, London Fashion week 2020 and The Affordable Art Show.


Limited Edition Prints
High quality limited edition A2/A3 prints of most of the work on the website are for sale and priced at $250 plus postage and packing – $18 for UK, $35 rest of world. Please call/email to order.

Martin generally paints bygone eras bringing scenes to life on canvas.  He prefers to paint more classic or vintage scenes but is not limited to that. Subjects may vary from the favourite car of the customer or just a life-long ‘poster pin up’ the customer has had a passion for.

If you would like more information about commissioning an individual work, please feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have. Sizes can be anything from a small up to a 2m x 1m canvas.

Originals Paintings for Sale
Martin usually has a range of original oil on canvas paintings available for sale. As a guide, prices for classic vintage originals range from small portraits 16” x 12” at around $2050-$2750,to medium sized works, 36”x 24” from around $4100 – $5480 and a large works  48” x 39” from around $5480 upwards.

Martin Allen.jpg
Martin Allen 94.jpg

Kat Davies

Artistsdolls are extremely proud to represent our fabulous new wildlife artist Kat Davies. Kat has always had a passion for nature and animals and we are so pleased that she has used her love for animals to create these realistic pastel illustrations. We can see Kat's work looking great on greeting cardsposters and even as a children's book illustrations. Watch this space! Check out her bio below: "Kat Davies is a wildlife artist working exclusively in pastel and specializing in big cats, embracing an extraordinary connection with lions, tigers, leopards and snow leopards. As a child, Kat lived in Gibraltar and her earliest memories are of sights, sounds and smells far more exotic than those of her native country in England.  Because of its close proximity to Northern Africa, the influence of that beautiful continent and its flora and fauna was inevitable. It was only back in England, years later, that she knew art was her calling.  Attracted by nature’s color palette and an attention to fine detail, a realistic style seemed natural.  Before long, a career in wildlife art was born, with a passion for conservation and love of animals at the heart of every painting. Exhibitions include the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, Animal Art Adventure at Nantwich Museum, Marwell International Wildlife Art Society exhibition and several successful solo exhibitions, all raising funds for conservation causes.  Kat used to be a Daler-Rowney featured artist and wildlife artist for DMC Creative World.

Kat Davies.jpg
Kat Davies 1.jpg
Kat Davies 2.jpg

Elena Tuminskaya

I was born in 1970. Educated at the Kuban State Art University at the Department of Graphics. At first I started working with porcelain: I made porcelain fireplaces, ceramic objects, vases, etc. After that, 8 years ago, I started making dolls, as I had long wanted to make them. At this time, various materials for creating dolls began to appear on sale, as well as educational articles in magazines. I took a master class on making dolls to learn the technique. I already knew how to sculpt and created porcelain figurines.

I make dolls in my favorite fantasy genre. I try to sculpt the dolls themselves realistic, but already the costumes and the plot are fantasy. I have invented a new genre - the doll in the picture. The background is painted in oil on the picture and the doll is embedded there. The genre is new - no one has done this before.

Two years ago I graduated assistantship of the Russian Academy of Arts. The defense of the diploma was on dolls. I participate in all international exhibitions in Moscow. She took part in the international exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia twice. I also took part in the international exhibition in Preili, Latvia twice. I create dolls for sale.

elena tuminskaya.jpg
elena tuminskaya moon2.jpg
elena tuminskaya 8.jpg

Andy Regan

Andy Regan - Commissioned artist


A London based artist and creative director who illustrates bespoke Dog Portraits to capture owners pooches in a classic style in charcoal and chalk . Each artwork is large scale in proportion A1 to A2 in size Portrait or Landscape ,the background can be commissioned in any color to match your home decoration and style , simply provide a detailed photograph of your pet, the more detailed the better , larger size commissions upon request.


Each portrait is $420 ( excluding shipping costs ) per dog and each portrait takes one week to be supplied making it an ideal gift for birthdays and anniversaries and remembering man’s best friend. 

Andy Ragan.jpeg
Andy Ragan 8.jpg
Andy Ragan 7.jpg
Andy Ragan 9.jpg
Andy Ragan 2.jpg
Andy Ragan 5.jpg

Jennifer Kohn Murtha 

" I was born, I paint." That's really enough about me, as far as I'm concerned, but I've been told that I'm wrong, so here goes.
I love portraits - any kind: people, animal, dolls, old, young, as long as it's a face, I'm compelled to get the likeness and make as beautiful a painting as I can. I was born, I paint - and I'm lucky to be able to do that. I'm always interested in seeing what you'd like me to paint for you and open to all kinds of commissions. If you want your portrait painted, let's talk!
I'm still being told that it's not enough biography, so here we go again.
I was born in Manhattan and lived there for only a year. We moved every twenty minutes, said our old family joke and because we often were in remote, dangerous places, my two constants were art and dolls. I painted my first portrait commission in Venezuela, Baby Jesus, for five dollars in fees. With which I bought a doll! So if you want yourself and a doll painted, I'd be thrilled to do that for you. Or if you have a favorite doll you want immortalized, I'm your woman! I love working on commission and try to make every painting not only a good likeness but a work of art that you'll be proud to display. 
Now, that's really enough. Let's art!

Jennifer Kohn Murtha.jpg.jpeg
Jennifer Kohn Murtha 2.jpg
Jennifer Kohn Murtha 1.jpg

Jose Luis Fernandez B

I am a self-taught painter .. I started painting from a very young age ... I was born in 1967 .. I live in Seville (Spain) at first I only painted in black and white, (b graphite, charcoal. .) .. but soon after I started to specialize in dry pastel portraits ... which is my specialty

I have participated in several exhibitions in Spain. The dimensions that I usually work with are 50 x 35 centimeters and 70 x 50 ... I have also made some orders for domestic animals.

prices are around $500 plus shipping and packaging costs.

Jose Luis Fernandez B.jpg
Jose Luis Fernandez B 4.jpg
Jose Luis Fernandez B 8.jpg

Elena Matsegora

I’ve always been fond of painting and learned different technics of fine art. Many times I took part in cities’ exhibitions. I believe that an artist should paint only beautiful paintings. The artist must be able to speak through his art. In this case, paintings are breathing. I like creating images which spiritualize my paintings. While painting I express good and positive feelings in my work. I was born in 1970. I live in Kiev, Ukraine.1987-1992 - Studying at the Kharkiv pedagogical Institute, art-and-graphic faculty.1992-2002 - Drawing teacher of children's art studio.2003-2014 - Designer in an industrial enterprise.2014-2021 -Artist I’ve always been fond of painting and learned different technics of fine art. Many times I took part in cities’ exhibitions. I believe that an artist should paint only beautiful paintings. The artist must be able to speak through his art. In this case, paintings are breathing. I like creating images which spiritualize my paintings. While painting I express good and positive feelings in my work. Participant of city and republican exhibitions. Author`s skills Original painting oil on canvas Fantasy Modern Collectible

elena matsegora.jpg
elena matsegora Fun Walk 1.jpg
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