Lucie Marnette - $550 plus shipping




"She is the daughter of Dr. Manette. She is wise beyond her years; unfailingly kind and loving. Her love and protection of her father is what attracts Charles Darnay to her. She meets Darnay, the young Frenchman, on the voyage home with her father.

When Darnay is arrested as a spy due to evidence planted on him by John Barsad on the orders of his uncle, the Marquis St. Evremonde, they attend Darnay’s trial out of concern. It is there that she meets Sydney Carton, the drunken lawyer who falls in love with her.

She reaches out to Carton in a concern for his well being, but is being actively courted by Darnay and accepts his proposal. When Darnay's and Lucie’s daughter is about six years old, Darnay returns to France.

Lucie, Dr. Manette, Miss. Pross and their daughter, Little Lucie go after him after notice of him being in prison in La Force.

She relies on her father to rescue Darnay, which he does but then Darnay is again accused.

During his imprisonment, she remains loyal.and faithful to him


DESCRIPTION: Head, neck, hands, the material is fimo. Leg material darvi.

The eyes are hand painted. Hair mohair Lama.The body is stuffed with sawdust. Boots genuine leather.

Head, arms, legs are movable.Fabric natural cotton vintage, antique lace.

Comes with miniature book "A TALE OF TWO CITIES"and glasses.