Beverly Stoehr

Christine is 14" tall with 14 movable parts 
She has the most beautiful  blue glass eyes
 This is my sculpt and design
The blonde mohair wig I have hand made
Along with  this I hand done the complete face up
Her outfit is completely hand made
Her wonderful hat has been hand made in felt with hand stitching done as a blanket stitch

Her dresses   One softest cotton and Layered bodice top coping cotton
And this is a silk with hand made  flowers
She is carrying her handmade purse and wearing an adorable necklace
She will hand signed along with a COA
She is wearing adorable necklace to enhance her dress
along with her high white boots

This is Cheri
My sculpt and design
She is 14" tall with 14 points of movements
She wonderful hand made eyes
I have hand made mohair wig

and her outfit has also been hand made and truly enhances her
The tam just captures ear soft look with mohair wig

She comes hand signed along with coa
And dressed as one of a kind
Retail is $625.00

This the outline for Monica is my design and sculpt

Monica is my 14" resin big
14" tall with 14 points of movement 
She has hand made wonderful glass eyes

along her adorable hand made mohair hair wig
I have Done by hand all of the face ups on all of my resin bjd

Her outfit is completely hand are in the USA 
She has a wonderful tam to enhance her face 
She wears 2 hand made scarfs to match hand made dress

along with this she has red high boots
She will be hand signed and comes with a coa

Goldie Locks

is an 10" tall resin bjd with 15 points of movements
Goldie Locks is one of my favorite fair tales
Her dress is hand are is a very special edition 
I have three Goldie locked left in this edition
She is my design and sculpt.
She also has the cutest brown hand are glass eyes
Goldie Locks is carrying her little teddy bear
And with this concept there is Goldie Lockes paper Dolls 
The paper doll are DIANE VININGS ART WORK of art along with
With stretch of Goldie Locks 
There are 3 Bears that come with paper dolls

Being the Goldie Locks is a limited special edition for this pass year
2017 for MDCC

Bone and Pearl