Berdine Creedy

I am originally from South Africa, thats where I grew up and most of my family still lives there. My family moved to America back in 1996 because I thought it would be good to offer my children a better chance in life than they could have had in South Africa.

I also wanted to pursue my dream of being an artist too! But if I knew then what I know know I would have thought differently. I had no clue how big America is. Before I lived in a country that would fit inside Texas, and America is so big and has so many different time zones, it kind of unreal!

I used to be a school teacher, but I alsways loved making things and then I often used to sell the things that I had created. I started doing pottery and then quickly fell in love with that. I went to a seminar that was taught by one of the best artists in South Africa and it was there that I learned how to do busts of people, also faces and all other body parts like hands and feet. That week was amazing for me, I was told that I was the best student of the week and that really gave me the green light to start sculpting faces. That wasn´t enough for me though, and I quickly wanted to move on with the art, using porcelain and finer clay. Everything happened so fast!

I started off doing 24-30" Porcelain dolls. Then I moved on to do smaller versions ranging from 5-20" dolls. After that I moved on to smaller dolls again, from 8-13" and also using vinyl.

Lately I have been doing Resin Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) and they are very hot at the moment and the doll collectors love those. I love the fact that you can pose them so much.