Angelika Mannersdorfer

1984          Start  making porcelain-dolls as a hobby. The first time I do reproduction of antique dolls.

1986           I create my first Artistdolls.

1987           I introduced the result of my work for the first time at the Nuremberg-Toy-Fair to a wide audience. Besides, I achieved a so big success with my creations that almost as of course in June, 1987 the production of porcelain dolls became my profession. During the following years a wide spectrum of different doll children originated in limited edition. Many of these designs were realised as a one of a kind.

In this time I also attend many shows and competitions and met other dollmakers, become friendship with them.

  1. Successful Cooperation with the German company Sigikid,

1999           Bayreuth. I make in each year the models for a Angelika Mannersdorfer-Vinyl-Collection.

1993-95     Exhibit at the New-York-Toy-Fair

1996/97      Testing and sculpting a new doll line: Miniature dolls for dollhouses in 1:12 scale.


  1. First exhibit the new line at Nuremberg-Toy-Fair.

With my miniatures I can realise for example to telling whole stories in stage form. In the meantime almost every life situation with my miniatures can be shown. From the preemie in the arm of the nurse up to granny and grandpa at the bench before the house.


Since 2007 I make especially one-of-a-kinds and special projects for different customers: private collections, private museums and museums all over the world.

Since this time I enlarge my program. From now I make not only miniatures for dollhouses, now I create artistdolls in 1:12 scale for artistdolls-collectors.

Since 2015 Not only the “real” life is interesting for me. I design now Fantasy-Dolls and Fairy’s too: the “3-F-People”, which visit us from a far away planet, are my first “outer spaced family”.

Also I write a little story about this people to introduce them. Of course I create all there playthings, puppets and puppies too.

In 2017        the “3-F-People” (3-F means: funny, fuzzy, flummox) became their first “cousins”  descend from the fairyland.

Since the very beginning, I presenting my creations all over the world at many national and international fairs, shows and other exhibitions. They are also exhibited in museums in Europe, USA and Japan


Sitting OOAK-girl

Size approx. 60 cm / 24 inch (sitting)

Description: Precious is made of porcelain. Her eyes are painted,

the wig is a very nice Italian-mohair-wig, very soft.

Her dress is made from silk-taffeta with antique laces and satin ribbons.

She wears a nice necklace with yellow glass-stones and matching earrings.


Mintouch & Rasperry (is my collection name for this style)

Amabelle (Mom) and  Sweet-Carrie (daughter)

comes together. (miniature 1:12)

Both are OOAK

Size Amabelle            approx. 14,5 cm / 5 1/2 inch

Size Sweet-Carrie      approx.    8 cm  / 3 1/8 inch

$3840.00 for the pair


Description: The dolls are made of porcelain with wire-skeleton inside.

So they are movable.

Their dresses out of antique fabrics (most) –hand dyed, antique laces,

leather parts, silk ribbons and many other different materials.

The flowers are all hand sculpted.

Wigs are made from fines viscose or mohair.



size approx. 11.5 cms or 4 1/2 inches