Alina and Alyona

Alina Voroshylova and Alyona Priozhok founded in 2014.  They are authors of art-dolls, design clothes accessories, and are participants of international exhibitions in Ukraine, Spain, Germany and Lithuania.  Their works are contained in private collections all over the world.


Grazyna OOAK.
Material polymer clay for baking Livingdoll.

Hand - painted eyes. Head, arms, legs are mobile.

Body textiles with wooden sawdust. Icelandic goat hair down.

Antique Lace. Natural silk and cotton. She is 17.5 inches tall. The doll has a stigma and a certificate. The doll is supplied in the author's box. 
 The Grazina doll is made in the style of "Retro Futurism".

Antique lace is used.

$800.00 + shipping